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Casey Taylor
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I wish art could be more than just a hobby for me. I did go to a fine arts high school, but it got demoted when I botched doing a portfolio, so instead I went to uni for mathematics and linguistics to "be practical". I graduated in May 2014 and spent two years at home not knowing what to do. Now I'm doing some animation classes at community college.

I stream art every Wednesday and Saturday at 8 PM CST on

If for some reason you would actually like to use my art for yourself, go ahead! Just, you know, please give credit where credit is due and have fun!

Any and all comments are greatly appreciated!

Skype: zurugashi
Discord: Silvuh#7959
Original post, May 29, 2016, 7:35:24 PM; updated October 3, 2016, 10:22:22 PM

It's been over two years since I last posted a journal on here, and I still haven't really grown up since then. This past year has been quite an emotional roller coaster, all from relationship stuff. Thankfully my mom and my closest friends have kept me sane. I still haven't gotten a job or learned to drive, wasting time; time is money, and so on. I've put too much time into gaming and watching shows instead of working on my productive hobbies. I only have like two near-completed pieces that I never submitted, and not even that many WIPs.  This is probably why I don't write journals, because I just talk about how worthless I've been. Haha.

I'm only about to start doing something that might actually get me somewhere ... and it's spending more money on classes. One of my friends found out for me that the local community college here has courses in Game Design, Game Art, and Animation. I registered for a couple classes in the Game Art program, but I want to take Animation classes too, so I'll probably try to talk with an advisor to try to work out what will be best for me. Doing characters for video games is kind of my dream work, which would be helped more by Animation classes ... though those aren't video-game-centric. And I'm not as interested in, like, the part of Game Art that's just creating wall textures ...

Anyway, the point is that I'll be trying to focus more on art and like actually really get into doing deliberate practice to improve. I'm sick of my art quality having been pretty much static over the past six years.

So! If you reply here or note me with character references and maybe a general idea on what you'd like in any drawings, I'll try to draw some stuff for you. I'll still just be focusing on human anatomy, so expect any feral characters to be drawn anthro. I'll try to do at least one request a week.

UPDATE: So that summer semester didn't go very well, but this spring is going better. I got a new microphone, and I plan to start streaming soon. I have quite a list of drawings to do, so I'm gonna close off requests here. While I do these and other gifts I have in mind, I'll be timing myself to see if maybe I can offer commissions at a reasonable price. Like I don't want to charge much, 'cause I know the quality won't be great, but if it takes me too long, then it's not worth my time. I dunno. We'll see how it goes. So yeah, not accepting anymore requests for now. Sorry about that.

Request Queue! (currently closed)
1. :iconikodomoonstrife: IkodoMoonstrife's fursona firing a bow
2. :iconinkshadow: Inkshadow's character Torshan
3. :iconthunder-jacob-wolfe: Thunder-Jacob-Wolfe's fursona as an anthro
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Hi there!!! I was your partner for this FAP!! Here is your art!!
FAP 25- Silvuh by MattsMadeOfCandy
I really hope you like it!!! <33
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